About Us


The mission of WV Health Right is to provide comprehensive quality healthcare to impoverished uninsured/underinsured adults regardless of insurance or financial status.


WV Health Right is predicated upon four assumptions.  These assumptions are basic to the activities, services, and functions of the clinic and its staff (paid and volunteers).  

First, each person is viewed as having inherent uniqueness, value, and worth, and is therefore worthy of the respect of others.

Second, there are certain fundamental rights belonging to all persons.  Basic health care is one of these fundamental rights.

Third, with these rights, there are corresponding responsibilities.  Patients who receive services at WV Health Right have the individual responsibility to participate in their care.

Fourth, members of a society have the responsibility to care for the weakest and vulnerable among them.  Poverty, illness, and other social and environmental factors often create a vulnerable population.  These four basic assumptions provide the purpose and guide the activities of WV Health Right.

WV Health Right exists specifically as an expression of the community’s desire to provide basic healthcare services to the poor.  Through the process of securing a variety of resources, creating a caring environment, and providing healthcare services and treatment, the clinic works to make healthcare accessible to the poor.