Dental Stories – Patient Stories


Sometimes the workings of “the system” can overwhelm us, but for Lisa, a young mother of a two-year old, the system was failing her miserably. After repeated visits to emergency rooms for neck and jaw pain, where she was prescribed antibiotics and pain medication, Lisa found her way to Health Right’s dental clinic. One of the many dentists who volunteer removed a tooth and noted a large lump near the site of the extraction. She recommended that Lisa see an oral surgeon ASAP. Health Right arranged for the appointment and the specialist ordered an MRI. With the generous help of Associated Radiologists, her MRI was scheduled immediately. The results showed that Lisa had cancer.

The tumor was removed and a left-neck dissection was performed. Radiation was required and completed. However, the radiation therapy left Lisa without saliva glands that keep her mouth moist and protect her teeth. The dental clinic provided fluoride trays that will help alleviate problems associated with her lack of saliva.

Thanks to all the dentists, oral surgeons, radiologists and others who have made such a difference in the life of Lisa and the lives of thousands of patients like her!