Levels of Giving

At West Virginia Health Right, we call our supporters Angels – for they caringly touch the lives of others and truly represent all that is good. Our Angels are categorized by giving. Thanks to each of our Angels. We hope that many more will get their wings by contributing to West Virginia Health Right.

Celestial – Over $5,000

“Heavenly, divine; of or relating to the sky,” the Celestial Angel plays a harp, making a sweet soft sound to relax and soothe the spirit. We must be still to hear the notes and quietly, quietly listen.

Guardian – $3,000 to $4,999

“Protector, custodian, defender,” a Guardian Angel watches over and is devoted to one’s best interests. A guiding influence, this Angel is faithful to benevolence and selflessness.

Seraph/Ser’a’phim – $1,500 to $3,999

“An angel of the first order,” Seraphim Angels are considered celestial nobility.

Cherub/Cher’u’bim – $500 to $1,499

“An angel of the second highest rank, often the baby angel.” Strong of body and resolve, the Cherub is the most reliable and fanatically loyal of all angels. The guardians of things held dear, these angels are highly perceptive and remarkably resilient.

Archangel – Under $500

A guardian of the people and all things physical.