Women’s Health – Patient Stories

Health status in West Virginia is not good, and it is appalling for the uninsured poor. On a regular basis, patients walk into Health Right with very serious medical conditions–problems that have been undiagnosed for far too long.

For Chloe, her first visit to the clinic was the day this picture was taken. She came into the clinic to see if we could give her some gauze for her wound. During triage, our nurses learned that she had not seen a doctor because she had no insurance. She heard about Health Right, and a neighbor brought her to our clinic. Chloe had no idea she had breast cancer.

For Mary, however, Health Right diagnosed her breast cancer early. A regular patient at the clinic, she received her yearly pap tests and mammograms. A lump was discovered on one of those visits. Here she is following surgery and treatment. She IS a cancer survivor!

For Jane, continuous care of her leg wounds means that she is still able to walk. Terri, a volunteer nurse, checks on Jane regularly at her home to make sure her wounds are healing.